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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  April 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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pleasanton and for a big rig accident. it happened on just after 10:00. there's debris on both sides of the freeway. some other vehicles were damaged. the chp says it will remain closed in both directions until 7:00. this caused quite a mess for commuters. wherever more troubled areas is 68 right around 7:00. hopefully it will open up things on time. it shut down in both directions. they are diverting traffic off the freeway. when argosies a major delays in the area as morning to you progresses. right now use 580 as safe alternate. i we 84 will be a good access to the ultimate pass. if you're trying to head southbound into let's say san jose. it remains shut down. we do have a couple problems to start off. the traffic alert has
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two right lanes shut down. ec the line of red on our centers. the traffic is very slow and go. also lanes are blocked with to try to clear this of the roadway. you come off the 880 and highway 237 connector yet one lane connected. it's making things a little bit. we wait for the official opening of doyle drive. it looks like traffic is pre like going across the golden gate bridge. that is look at your morning drive and is pretty busy so far. the fog and low clouds have began to move on shore. the risk outside look over san francisco. some of it is gathering off the coastline and a fitting up a little bit. we have temperatures with '40's and 50's right now. mostly clear in the valley. we
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have some high-pressure beginning to weaken. so we have this area of low pressure passing to our north. ec's some high clouds from after its record temperatures or on the way. not a bad day. alatas '60s and '70s are around the bay. some cooler weather and more is on the way. doyle drive is set to reopen at 5:00. when it reopens what firsthand look and well it looks like. here was a video shot over the weekend. a lot of folks were just watching the structure which was built back in the 1930's come tumbling down. at all this down now. the closed it friday around 5:00. is about open in about 30 minutes. of the lot easier to get on
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the bridge in about an hour or so. we now know the identity of a man who stepped over the weekend in fremont. he was stabbed to meet saturday night at house party and died early sunday morning. he was a senior and a star football player for new work i school. on saturday, the officers responded to reports of gunshots and a loud party is not clear what triggered the violence that night. the stabbing victim had been expelled from school in march of to tell us what the boy was later reinstated. the man accused carry out mass shooting is about to enter a play. he has been charged with seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. he is not eaten since being booked into jail shortly after the
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shootings on april 2nd. he's in the infirmary. the fund raising efforts to begin today to prevent the closure of the cafeteria of a local community college. city college of surface cisco says that it will have to close the cafeteria in three months of us there is additional funding. the cafeteria's trading center for students in the culinary arts department has to cut a quarter million dollars from its budget. occupy protestors and activists will take to street on may day tomorrow but they have plans to try to block the golden gate bridge. demonstrations and oakland include a march from the park station down city hall. the calling for daytime work stoppage. and nurses have to walk off their jobs at eight sutter health hospitals. the stretch of road itself from the will be closed for nine months to complete construction of the
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bart to san jose corporate they say 3 traffic will not be allowed on the street until the includes vehicles, bikes and pedestrians. they will be toward to dixon landing road. investigators are back at the scene of the crash killed seven members of one family in new york city. the vehicle cost three leaves the traffic and flew over car grill. it will begin to 60 ft. below and would area and hours later, the investors told the vehicle went and tried to deal with the devastation. the injuries were terrific in 30 years. i see this with you once or twice. i was taken aback by. an elderly couple hundred, three daughters and granddaughters were killed. this brings up questions of safety on the street. the cubs could suspend the search for a sailor was missing
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after a yacht race crashed down and southern california people on the 37 ft. boat. there were killed. it is taking part in a race from newport beach down to mexico. apparently collided with a large ship the accord model islands. to the crew members had been identified. when its members from torrance and one is from florida. there were too sick to patrol the area and debris from a yacht the strewn across a good 3 mi.. this one looks like it when through a blender. they're very pieces that were not big in the six bridges. this boat was chewed up and soft real quick. a third sailor's body was recovered from the body. he is yet to be identified. a lot tougher for the east bay is a truck accident in the east bay closes a major freeway in both directions.
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it started last night on interstate 680 when a big rig hit a center wall. we're in pleasanton to bring us the latest. quite a mess. let me tell you then the southbound lanes of 680 had just 30. so right now only the northbound lanes are open as we are northbound 680 to the few feet away from the truck that crashed last night. the few feet from where we are you see the windshield of the truck as it crashed into just before 10:00 last night it hit the concrete divider. the northbound and southbound lanes will blocked. some cars were damaged by debris. we look at some video we have from earlier. you see shortly after the accident it happened on interstate 680 here in pleasanton. we also understand or some chemicals on board. the work to hases
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materials teams doing cleanup. the truck was carrying some type of chemical. we do not know what the are. but we listen to the battalion chief about the cleanup. he ruptured his tanks and is approximately 100 gal. of diesel fuel that leaked off. did back into any dreams. we went for the cleanup crew to come in and clean it out. as of 2 bar. of has that material in the back of the big rig. whittle is leaking a barrel of lithium. and both of them are reactionary with the air and water and the cause fires. the southbound lanes of 680 here in of pleasanton have three open. the northbound lanes are still close. drivers are urged to use alternate routes like foothills boulevard and highway 84. to dispel lanes should be opened by 7:00 this week. of course that is quite some time for not and will make for a very
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messy commute for those normally take 680 northbound to get to their monday morning destination. we will continue to bring you updates as soon as we get them. we're live in pleasanton. there's a living cutting about to happen. from one cluster to another. we're incidences' ran out checking the progress on doyle drive. it's post open and about 20 minutes? 5:00 i just got off the full with a spokesperson at caltrans and says yes they are on schedule. it all the work done. their timing is down to the wire. this is been 24 hour or round-the-clock work. they decided to tear down doyle drive. here is a look behind me of the new stretched. there's no cars on the now. you'll be embassy cars heading off to this new viaduct into a new tunnel. and drivers will see some changes here starting in about 20 minutes so. jury is getting
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all the electrical wiring job done and some last minute paving. you see that will be in a bid to recent testing on that. it is to prevent head on crashes. we should use of the work of the crews were busy were doing on all weekend long. an official working was on saturday when the old doyle drive was ripped down like dominoes. and the crews paid the new temporary bypass road and drivers will be able to notice some big changes. we're asking people to be patient and take it slow. at a attention there is a transition period you do have to come from the tunnel and down into that detour. is not a dramatic curse. it's a pretty smooth transition. " we will see some animation of what the new robot shall look like. folks will have to get used to it. this a new tunnel and a new temporary roadway.
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when things it does happen like the bay bridge is a lot people who like to look around and check out the new roads and the conditions. that tends to slow things down. it could take a couple of weeks for drivers to come to get used to these changes. so expect heavy traffic and more delays the normal. and once again to will dry out the new section of doyle drive is expected to open in about 20 minutes or so. we want to give you an update on interstate 680. the accent and the entire freeway was closed. against southbound is open now. the death of a some of the lot and one year later. and missing hikers found after four days house survived with little food and a broken leg after four days house survived with little food and a broken leg [ male announcer ] citi turns 200 this year.
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you are taking a look at doyle drive. the police escort begins to open up doyle drive after some 50 + hours all weekend long. they knocked on the old structure. it was built back in 1936 and a new one is open for cars right now. you're a good look. refined out what is going on traffic lights. we have some updated information. she's out to see this accent on 6 east the southbound into the reopen. this is due to a big rig and has that situation. we've seen some delays in that area. northbound remains closed and no word on when those lanes were reopened.
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some were asking you to continue looking at using alternate. this is a video we took earlier of the accident. no. 680 remains shut down. and southbound lanes have three open carriage house little piece of the congestion to the area. we'll keep you updated for this. pakistan is condemning the latest attack by u.s. term. the two weeks after pakistan's parliament demanded an end to draw the attacks. pakistan is demanding an apology for the nine seats for air strikes that excellently killed 24 pakistani soldiers just last year. united states has expressed regret but his not apologize. u.s. intelligence experts are keeping a close eye on potential terror activity as the one-year anniversary of osama bin laden staff approaches. those one year ago tomorrow, the u.s. navy seals killed the al qaeda leader on this camp held
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in pakistan. the normal to have the organization rockabilly's it was had with detective estates on september 11th in 2001 but the u.s. is concerned about al qaeda @ in the to reign in peninsula and an affiliate based in the country of yemen carey we are maintaining our guard. the group was behind the failed underwear bomber attack in 2009. the u.s. and chinese officials are to work on a deal to give up line chinese activists 2/4 fled and he is under protection by american officials in beijing. the activists was imprisoned after exposing the program of forcing abortions and sterilizing under the china's one child policy. of the two governments are not the knowledge of his in custody and not saying much. that means that there's public talking about in private. does
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the best way to work out. both sides hope to iron out an agreement before hillary clinton visits beijing a little bit later this week. the cost of the day at the fallen twin towers in city we're not talking about the blockbuster film. the details of what may be a titanic to. will be our first look at the new doyle drive. and there is. it just of a few minutes ago. within a live report in just a few minutes. the clear sailing o,, go to college.
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the hispanic scholarship fund has the information you need to help your kids go to college. good morning kept busy start your monday morning. we're looking at accident shut down northbound 680. the details in minutes. what a gorgeous weekend we had. clouds are beginning to
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gather along the coastline and cooler weather is on the way. newt gingrich is wrapping up his final days as a contender in the gop presidential race. he will probably pull out sometime this week. he lost half a dozen staffers for this campaign just a month after began last may. some who left said it was difficult to spend time to raise money on his campaign. illicit newt gingrich will be out. is the one week a year that republicans and democrats and the media will belong. is the white house correspondents' dinner in washington. always good for couple loss. and saturday night was no exception. in fact, i love of the material prepared but hectic to the secret service and time for them to curfew. i brought this to the surface is not laughing about the way. it dates back to
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1920 and raises money for journalism scholarships and jimmy kimmel was the host. if you're planning a special event and have the least 50 hotter dollars to spend why not at the california governor's mansion. the state parks department is opening of the grounds to rent out and the money will help keep the state parks open. stretching over 1400 square feet, the mission is known for its marble fireplaces, believe medical and formal dining room. where the ways you're raising the funds is used to lessen the facility and the grounds by allowing it to be used for special events. governor brown and his wife cannot live there by the way. the state park representatives hope that the historic nature of the property will have peoples to spend thousands to host their debts. the conference state treasurer is preparing to run for the state office despite recent troubles involving his wife. the bay area news group
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says that he has wanted to the half million dollars available for run a state control in 2014. he plans to run and he recently resigned over personal issues. the pretrial against baseball star roger clemens is set to resume today in washington. the former pitcher is accused of lying to congress by saying he did not use steroids or human growth hormones. it could see the testimony began last tuesday before the trial began a five daybreak. the empire state building listed as the tallest building. to put a steel column in place on top of the exoskeleton of one world trade center. and on the tower 1002 henderson 1 ft.. this 21 ft. high and the empire state building. will the she read 1,776 ft.. china put two
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new satellites in orbit today. they're launched this morning and near the 12th and 13th satellites in china's global navigation and positioning network. that's according to law center. a flight heading to southern california was of diverted because of potential fuel tank issue on the plane. the boeing 737 took off from seattle is in mourning and land without incident. the passengers waited to the terminal for the plane to check up. a woman is found safe after spending four days lost in the utah wilderness. the 59 year-old will take a hike in the utah desert which a broker lake and she cannot make it back her car. she's a walking stick to create a makeshift split and crawled 30 yds to a creek for water. she's doing well. she's recovering in hospital. has the story of survival there. in traffic weiss, we have
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some good news and some not good news. she's very busy today. is a rough start to your monday morning to you. weaver biggest pot hot spot right now. were trying to updates from chp. we're live on the scene. we do and can confirm that northbound 680 is still completely shut down. the southbound 60 shut down as well but we heard didn't open a least a couple of flames, they may be doing this as the clear this out of roadway. i would avoid the area in both directions either way. use of alternate until it is completely cleared on the roadways north and southbound. your best bet is 580, foothill boulevard or highway 84 to get around this mess. northbound 680 in shut down. will continue to keep you updated with more information. a traffic alert itself 101. this is too late to shut down. a box
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truck hit the center divider. there's a fuel spill of the roadway. thus taking some time to clear up. 280 is your best bet to avoid the delays. no word of the sec said. it looks like that wreck is still there. it's blocking one lane of traffic and cpr in the scene there. a real coming off of 880 here. that is doing ok. will to the bay bridge in a few minutes. some fog is gathering on the coastline. some cooler weather is coming. but a few high clouds overhead. in the temperatures are not too bad. it mainly in the '50s at this hour. i think as we head towards the afternoon and see if you high clouds the move overhead. the temperatures will begin to cool, but not too bad. listen '50s and '60s up towards the coastline. looks like it weaken somewhat. and here comes your first one right here. a few high clouds for the
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bay and its milder temperatures outside. the high pressure will continue to back away from the coastline. the breezy conditions a special the beaches. the temperatures was are to come down. this 79 in morgan hill. top 74 in the view. east bay temperatures are mainly in the '70s but the afternoon. with the approval date. the temperatures are coming down a couple of degrees. supplant and 69 of oakland, 66 in san francisco and still warm in said rosa. the high pressure will weaken somewhat. this clouds the middle of the week with a slight chance of showers on thursday. were looking good for the next weekend. the weekend was spectacular. i was not here. he missed out it was a tough weekend for the oakland a's. it had a to run lead and then he had a three run home
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run. the final score was o'clock losing by a score of 5-2. the head of the boston this weekend. and the giants had better luck at home. he struck out six padres in seven and two-thirds innings. and the giants beat san diego by a score of 4-1. the athletics should of one. there were up on the road. and they're turning the t s a, the new application a puts passengers in control how the coast guard is changing course on the deadly crash coming up. a late night wrecked in pleasanton on 680 disrupts the morning commute with adam and southbound lanes are closed. i'll tell you but your alternate routes. the new presidio parkway is open a just-in-time for the monday morning to you. the cart
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